Nugress Technologies

Nugress Technologies

Nugress helps IT departments in organizations reduce their budgets, while improving their operational efficiency, through effective sourcing of not just hardware but, solutions - a combination of both that conform to IT industry standard. We offer a full portfolio of IT products...

Nugress Business Logistics

Nugress Business Logistics

By offering services and solutions, Nugress connects existing businesses to business opportunities. Assisting businesses to do their business better: in a time saving and cost saving manner. We expose your business to your niche market...

Nugress Project & IT Consult

Nugress Project & IT Consulting

We do this by providing you with all of the industry insider information you need – covering everything from markets and segments to industry trends and the supplier landscape. We identify the investment location which meets your specific investment criteria...

Our Vision

our vision "To be recognized as a convenient and trusted source, vendor and partner towards your building a healthy and profitable business"

Our Mission

our mission
  • » To help our Clients fulfill their needs for technology solutions
  • » To be among the first that help make a difference in people’s life and businesses with technology
  • » To use technology to bring about effective services and productive business
  • » To be an advocate of green technology
  • » To deliver reliable service(s) always
  • » To put Customer first
  • Our Motto

    our motto "Working to earn your trust"